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Site Drainage Project

The Problem


  • Rainwater is flowing towards the buildings, leading to:


  • Weakened brick foundations

  • Rotten wooden elements

  • Increased rising damp

  • Vulnerability to termite infestations

  • Significant biological growth

  • Water pouring into ground floor rooms

  • Sinking paving and flower beds

  • Broken sewerage and water lines



The Solution



  • Remove concrete and flagstone paving throughout the site

  • Re-grade the courtyard, driveway, and alley

  • Repair all broken pipes

  • Add subsurface drainage

  • Enlarge capacity of downspouts

  • Replace paving, incorporating more permeable materials

  • Replant the courtyard


The Cost


Preliminary estimates are in the $170,000 range.


Phase II

starts July, 2017


Thanks to the continued generosity of our Friends, we are happily initiating Phase II of our drainage project this July. The pavers in the courtyard will be removed temporarily so drainage can be upgrades and plumbing lines can be replaced. We'll do the same in the driveway, resulting in better flow of storm water away from the main property. Stay tuned! We'll be posting updates all summer long.

Project Update!

August 15, 2016

Phase 1 is complete!!


Many, many thanks to Bourgeois Plumbing and Suane Masonry, BK Contractors, Inc., Help Air Conditioning and Rooftech for all of their hard work!


Working with Suane Masonry to dig through two layers of concrete and flagstone, Bourgeois then dug trenches and replaced all the broken pipe - a major endeavor that took three weeks of nearly non-stop work.  Sub-surface drainage was installed and downspouts were extended to deal with roof water.  The concrete and flagstone were replaced by BK Contractors, Inc., with sand and crushed granite, which is much more porous and will easily absorb rainwater.  We're so grateful to all who helped make this happen!  The first of three phases is now complete and we are over halfway towards our fundraising goal!


Phase 2 will begin in the summer of 2017.

Project Update!

June 13, 2016

Images from the June 13, 2016 Storm

Construction set to begin this week

We are so excited to start PHASE 1 this week!


Plumbers will commence work Wedneday, June 15.  Plumbers will replace both sewerage and water lines at Northeast Elevation (Gov. Nichools side) and will add in subsurface drainage, as well as new, more porous material to catch water and drain it properly to the street.


Stay tuned for more updates as work progresses and thank you for your continued support!

Current Drainage Issues

(May 2016)

Driveway Drainage

Courtyard Drainage

Courtyard Drainage


Alley Drainage

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