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In the Time of Quarantine: Introducing Digital Museum Content

As our museum staff works from home during this challenging time of sickness and quarantines, we look forward to sharing some of the house's best digital content with our friends and followers.

First up, we invite you to enjoy the first in our oral history interview series, featuring Dr. Robert Cangelosi's full discussion of his childhood in the French Quarter, and to take a virtual tour of the BK House with longtime former head docent Ott Howell.


Oral History Interview Series: Dr. Robert Cangelosi

In this film, New Orleans native Dr. Robert Cangelosi discusses his childhood in the New Orleans French Quarter in the 1930s and 1940s, during a time when the neighborhood was a primarily Sicilian immigrant neighborhood. In highlighting the people, culture, food and traditions of his childhood, Dr. Cangelosi reminisces about the family-oriented, tight-knit community in which h was raised, and describes his youth as a distinctly New Orleans experience.

Dr. Cangelosi's son, Robert Cangelosi, Jr. is the President of Koch and Wilson Architects and currently serves on the BK House Board of Trustees and as the house's architect.

A Classic Tour of the House Featuring Ott Howell

Ott Howell gave tours at the Beauregard-Keyes House for over 27 years as head docent and you can still catch him volunteering every once in a while! In the meantime, enjoy his classic tour of the house. Ott's tour explores the home's history by delving into its architecture, furniture and the lives of former residents, such as General PGT Beauregard and best-selling novelist Frances Parkinson Keyes.


We will update this page with more of our favorite filmed and recorded content over the coming weeks, so check back soon for more!

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