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Have you ever attended an event at BK and thought to yourself, “this place could surely use another accessible restroom…”


You’re in luck as we’ve heard your potty pleas!


One of BK’s latest capital improvement endeavors is to create a dedicated classroom and events space where we can expand our community engagement and rental offerings. A key component of this goal is to renovate an existing restroom in this area, crafting a more easily accessible and comfortable space.


However, in order to make this dream a reality, we need your help! Support-A-Potty today by making a donation to your favorite neighborhood historic house! 


Each person to donate will have their name prestigiously scrawled on the underside of the toilet seat for a more authentic public restroom experience. Just kidding, but think about all the glory you’ll feel as you point out to your friends and family that your financial support allowed this hallowed historical ground to have a fully functional facility!


As this is a small project, suggested donation amounts start at $5 or $10 and every little bit counts!

Support-A-Potty below:

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