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Haiti Louisiana Tides of Freedom

Background: The BK House owes its existence to Haiti and the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804). As the enslaved population in Saint-Domingue rebelled for freedom, numerous families, especially wealthy slaveholders, sought refuge in Louisiana. Notably, Joseph LeCarpintier, fled Haiti and became an auctioneer deeply involved in New Orleans’ slave trade. In 1825, he commissioned the BK House’s construction. The House was designed by another Haitian migrant, architect Francois Correjolles. The Haitian Revolution prompted several thousand people, both free and enslaved, to move to Louisiana, forging a lasting connection between these two places. 

The Exhibit: The Nous Foundation, the Historic BK House & Gardens, and Max Jean-Louis are thrilled to co-present their original exhibition, Haiti-Louisiana: Tides of Freedom, which will be on display from January 12 to March 17, 2024, at the Historic BK House & Gardens.

This groundbreaking exhibition features two collections: 41 works from the Jacques Bartoli Collection of contemporary Haitian art (30 paintings and 11 beaded flags), previously presented at UNESCO in Paris and making its debut in Louisiana, and 36 original paintings and photographs by eight Haitian and Louisianan artists commissioned for the occasion by Haitian-born curator Max Jean-Louis.  

This exhibition aims to commemorate Haiti’s 220th anniversary of independence and celebrate the deep-rooted connection between Haiti and Louisiana.

The Team:
Curator: Max Jean-Louis
Co-Curators: Annie Irvin, Scott Tilton, Rudy Bazenet, Joseph Makkos, Jane Hill
Graphic Designer: Katya Vaz
Host Committee: Sandra Dartus, Denise Frazier, Régine René Labrousse, Jacqueline Simon, Nathalie Simon

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