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Letterpress Workshop

Introduction to Letterpress Printing – October 2`8th + Letterpress Printing Studio Workshop – November 4th

This course delves into the historic and artistic significance of letterpress, tracing its evolution from Gutenberg’s movable type to contemporary applications. Participants will acquire hands-on experience with vintage letterpress forms and machines, learning the intricate art of typesetting and honing skills in inking, impression, and paper selection. The curriculum delves into the influence of typography on design aesthetics and the development of printed materials. Ideal for design enthusiasts, aspiring printers, and history aficionados, this course fosters a deep appreciation for the technical finesse and artistic legacy of letterpress and typesetting, empowering participants to create dynamic printed works.

Workshops will run each Saturday from 10 am until 1 pm. Tickets range from $45 – $100.

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